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Our Menu

Our menu delivers our sophistication. European cuisine is our forte. We focus on serving up classics from the kitchen with a difference that’s all our own, expanding into sharing platters, smaller plates and sides. Our food is attentively aromatic, pairing and partnering flavours with flair. We work with selective ingredients to ensure our recipes are elevated and fresh, topping each dish distinguishably.


Brunch to us is no small thing. We specialise in delivering a morning meal that really sets you up for the day, focusing on bringing a touch of refinement to the experience. Our popular offer covers bagels, porridge and hot dishes, actively amping up your choices. If you haven’t heard of our renowned lemon meringue latte, you have now, recommended alongside our equally-as-citrus fruity toast.


Artisan bread with smoked butter? Fish bites? Poached pear and cheese salad? The freshness of our small, fine-tuned plates makes them an ideal option for a midday lift, providing the right level of temptation for a midway bite. Serving full-flavoured delicacies in our spacious and relaxed surroundings, our balanced and to-be-savoured light bites function as a satisfying and favourable way to slice up your day. 


For refined meals served with class, we’re the place to be. Not only will the starters catch your eye, but the large plates, salads and sides make for a stylised experience that’s full of stalwart class and craft. Think crispy calamari, an elaborate cheeseboard and duck breast with apple puree for a culinary offer that’s undoubtedly cutting-edge.

Book Your Table At Our Restaurant & Cocktail Bar in Fitzrovia

We’re a restaurant and bar in Fitzrovia that does more than just food and drink. We’re an atmospheric space, offering a welcoming environment for you to dip casually in and out of. We value our community, and we want to be a flamboyant part of what it does. Pay us a visit to sample a cocktail, linger over brunch or dip into our main a la carte menu and find out firsthand why we’re the go-to option for anyone asking where to drink and eat in Fitzrovia.

Our First-Rate Restaurant & Bar in Fitzrovia

Bennie Restaurant & Bar in Fitzrovia is a charming local gem. We do fancy, and we do casual. Whatever the occasion, our intimate environment offers a space for you to make your time your own, acting as a casual jaunt for eating and drinking in style. We do what we do with gusto, providing an atmospheric space for you to explore.

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