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Our Atmospheric Fitzrovia Bar & Restaurant

Bennie Restaurant & Bar is located in Fitzrovia. Our plush space boasts a sultry aesthetic, with dimmed lighting, exposed brickwork and discreet velvet accents. By day, we’re a nook for brunch, casual drinks, small plates or coffee, acting as a go-to spot for lowkey hangouts. By evening, we’re cutting-edge, elevating our space to perform as a contemporary.

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Our Features

Cuisine You Will Love


Exquisite Culinary Creations

Indulge in a diverse menu featuring a fusion of global flavors meticulously crafted by our seasoned chefs. From traditional favorites to innovative dishes, every bite tells a story of culinary excellence


Ambiance for Every Occasion

Immerse yourself in an inviting atmosphere designed to suit any occasion, whether it's an intimate dinner, a family celebration, or a business meeting. Our versatile setting provides the perfect backdrop for memorable moments


Dedicated Beverage Selection

Explore a carefully curated wine list and a range of handcrafted cocktails or mocktails expertly paired to complement your dining experience, elevating every sip to perfection


Private Dining and Events

Elevate your special occasions with our exclusive private dining spaces, tailored to host events ranging from intimate gatherings to larger celebrations. Impeccable service and a customized menu await your guests

Our Ambiance

Our ambiance is our defining feature. With private marble tables, extended bench seating, ceramic crockery and orange surface tops, the warmth of our space delivers an inviting feel that you can’t help but soak up. Our quirky space, impressive presentation and attention to detail set us apart, with an elevated sense of style distinguishing our identity. We’re known for our decorative assets, creating somewhere you can comfortably relax in that feels noticeably inviting and intimate.

Our Food

Our food encapsulates the sense of decadence we’re designed to induce. With separate brunch, a la carte and drinks menus, our offer is enticingly varied, offering hearty plates of dishes prepped with flair. From start to finish, you’ll find a wealth of forward-thinking ideas and unforgettable flavours, wrapped up in a space that serves good-tasting treats in a good-feeling environment.

Our Drinks

Our drinks are made with flair, serving up a whole long list of classics or signature serves to get stuck into. Our leading bartender has over 20 years of experience shaking up classic and inventive mixes, putting out pours to suit every palette. Our swanky bar redefines style and substance, with handcrafted garnishes, premium spirits, and unexpected flavour combinations elevating each glass. Whatever your order, we pour expertly, providing a decadent finishing flourish to your sip of choice.

Visit Us For Cocktails, Dinner & All-Day-Brunch & Lunch in Fitzrovia

Stop by our independent bar and restaurant, where a refined atmosphere, memorable dining and superb sips are guaranteed. Ask us about our menu, specials and new additions to get a recommendation from our knowledgeable staff that’ll see you slipping time away with pleasure. Pop in, slip into our exuding style and personalise your experience be it for drinks, dinner, a light lunch, coffee or brunch in Fitzrovia.

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